25 Pubs built from the ground up for one day only!

Irish Cornhole


The only pub where it's ok to throw the furniture!

Liban's Queen Fairy Bar


Fairies and Absinthe.  What else might one expect while out wandering at Lucky Fest?

Shane McGowen's Karoake Pub


Show us what you got when you choose a song at the Lucky Fest Karaoke Bar!

Irish Crossfire


The Irish took basketball, volleyball, taking out the trash, and beer bong waved a magic wand and presto: Crossfire!

Sinn Fein Speakeasy


Order an Irish Car Bomb out of a blown out Ford Aerostar.

World's Smallest Pub


It's so small we aren't sure you'll find it.

Irish Wine Tasting


Only the best wine and finest cheese at this spectacular Irish tasting extravaganza.   

Nobody has pub likes ours.. ANywhere!

Brian Boru's King's Cup


 One of the most legendary Kings of Ireland may have lived 1000 years ago, but his noble spirit lives on. Visit Brian Boru's King's Cup and enjoy one of his most memorable pleasures! 

Murphy's Pub



Murphy's Pub is your spot to hang out and have some great times.  Have you been naughty? Take a shot and you might earn a spanking. Feel like working together as a team? Play some Ping Pong or test your coordination on the shotski. 

The Docks



Ireland is a country with nautical roots and at the Docks Bar you'll get a little of the sea breeze while enjoying the live groove.

Irish Angling


You never know who you'll catch when you do a little Irish Angling!

Pog Mo Thoin


Come to the Pog Mo Thoin pub for a variety of drinks and games all designed to maximize your Lucky Fest experience. Play the drink roulette with your mates or if you can't decide what drink you want take a chance and spin the wheel of death. 

Irish National Stud


Horse Racing is huge in Ireland and at Lucky Fest we put our on twist on it.  Head into the pub and pick your horse.   Write its name on the board and watch as the caller puts up the odds.  Then the race begins.  It's all the excitement of the big race without any of the smell!

wait what? More pubs?

Guinness Brewery


Join our friends from Nightlife Entertainment down at the Brewery!  They'll be spinning Top 40, Hip Hop, and Latin all night long,  

Robbie Keane's Irish Foosball

It's foosball.  Except with people.  Duh.

Mary O'Connell's Pub and Pong


Trash Can Beer Pong?  Check.  Roomba Beer Pong?  We got that... and for the Pumpkin Spce sect we even got it basic. 

Daniel O'Connor's Pandora's Box


You ever go to that bar and you think wow.  That's EXTRA.    Pandora's Box is kinda like that.

the biggest pub crawl in the central valley!


Death Metal Dodgeball

Death Metal.  Dodgeball.  Like choclate and peanut butter.  It's the things you love, death metal with the most popular sport in Ireland -- Dodgeball.  Sign up your team here!


Club Leprechauno

This leprechaun has a funky latin soul.  Only found on the extreme west coast of Ireland, this little known region hosts the best in Irish Latino DJs and Bands.


Jameson General Hospital

Jameson General isn't a traditional Hospital, but if you are looking to volunteer to help out in our operating room make sure to stop by!

We just keep building em'

Callaghan's Irish Horseshoes


 We've all played horseshoes with our grandpa, but you probably haven't played Irish Horseshoes. 

Peterson's Pipehouse


Bands, Djs, Peterson's Pipehouse is where you go to find your groove when you are at Lucky Fest!

Irish Facepainting


Our facepainters aren't that great, but they have a few rad designs memorized.

Irish Beauty Pagent


You never know where it will be or who will be the star...